Martin O’Malley Policy Proposal

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Policy Proposal


For the Family Car

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Nothing says “I Support” like a bumper sticker

Vote for Family, Vote for O’Malley

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MSNBC’s Sit Down with Kenny

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Kenny C. Chow and Governor Martin O’Malley discuss The AFSCME strike, the New American Family and the working class

Campaign Advertisement Script

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– Shots of the UC Davis campus life interspersed with other images

– Other images include

  • American flag
  • O’ Malley with children
  • O’ Malley with hospital patients
  • O’ Malley with labor workers
  • O’ Malley with college/university students

– There will be different people (including but not limited to the ones mentioned above) holding a “New American Family” poster/sign while holding hands.

  • Same sex couples both women and men

  • Interracial couples
  • Heterosexual couples

  • Single mothers with child or children

  • Single fathers with child or children

  • The nuclear family

– For the ending scene we (the O’Malley campaign) will be holding the signed while holding each others hands and shout in sync “Because we care about the New American Family”


Background inspirational music

Starting at 2:19 mins

Voice Over (Talking to the viewers)

“Our family deserves a better education. The O’Malley campaign promises to invest in our children’s education from K-12 with after-school and summer programs, Universal pre-kinder, and school nutrition”

“A healthy family is a happy one. This was on our minds when we implemented our universal healthcare”

“Providing for our family shouldn’t be a struggle anyone should face, we are going to decrease our unemployment rate”

“We want to do all this and much more…

There will be different snippets of different people saying the following line

“…because we care…” 7x

And then we, the O’Malley campaign, will complete their sentence and shout in sync “Because we care about the New American Family”

Martin O’Malley and Campaign Discuss Budget

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Martin O'Malley and Campaign Discuss Budget

Governor O’Malley and crew come together to discuss the country’s budget.